One of Nova Launcher’s cooler features is that it has a built-in night mode that users can set to come on at custom times. It’s also possible to set the night mode to turn on and off with sunset and sunrise. Nova is one of the kings of customization since it lets users do almost anything they can imagine with their phone’s home screen. The default ‘Glance’ view is similar to OnePlus’ OxygenOS launcher, where you can add a variety of widgets. Microsoft even added a few custom widgets like a screen usage tracker and a basic task management program.

It should come up instantly when prompted, it should respond instantly, and I should never feel lost or confused when using it. My first application launcher was Quicksilver, but when it farted out on Snow Leopard in 2009 I switched to LaunchBar. In 2011 I spent several months using Alfred, and I’ve switched over to it on occasion since then as well to stay abreast of its development.

Similar to stock Android, Evie features a home page and app drawer that users can access by swiping up. You can also hide the alphabet until you’re ready to use it. Additionally, there’s the option to add a Google button for quick access to Google Search. It’s also possible to set the launcher to show the weather forecast at all times.

Smart Launcher 5: Many Choices, But Not Too Many

  • Nova Launcher was launched about 6 years ago and still, it’s dominating the league of the best launcher.
  • The best part is its free with no ads or in-app purchases.
  • Thankfully, it never stops being a lightweight piece of software.
  • Those features include icon pack support, Android Oreo shortcuts and notification dots, Google Now integration, adaptive icons, and various other customizations.

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Because to me, my application launcher is how I get around my computer. Without LaunchBar installed it’s like I’m at a friend’s house, trying to navigate to the kitchen in the middle of the night and I can’t find the light switches and I keep stubbing my toes on the furniture. Whenever I do a clean install of my Mac , the first application I download is LaunchBar. Let us know in the comments below what are your favourite launchers are. We also chose these specific launchers because we’ve personally used them and enjoyed how they work.

Our top four launchers are among the first search results you’ll see when you type ‘launcher’ into the Play Store. While we can’t say definitively which is the best launcher, we can point out that the four launchers that we chose all have high scores in the Play Store. What’s interesting about Evie is all of the other customizations that the app gives users. Tapping on the home button allows users to quickly search for their desired app, or pick from their frequently used apps, or browse the internet.

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