Dozens of people died, and at times 100,000 residents were on the run from the flames. On Tuesday, Sheriff Essick spoke of “fire fatigue” “.

It concerns a claim for damages by the investor Orestes Fintikles, a former business partner of Trump. As a result, the two of them have jointly developed a hotel complex in Panama City. The facility was managed by the Trump Organization, which Fintikles accuses of mismanagement.

In addition, Trump did not pay millions in taxes. There are only five examples from the catalog of lawsuits against Trump. Some involve millions in compensation and fines. In some cases, however, Trump has to fear more.

In any case, he is the first ex-president who will have to answer in several processes. Richard Nixon was also facing conviction after the Watergate affair. However, since his successor in office Gerald Ford extensively pardoned him, he was spared this disgrace. But even if Joe Biden wanted to help Trump with a pardon, he couldn’t do that in eight trials – those at the state level. Because the presidential pardons can only be issued for proceedings at the federal level. Even if it “” only “” remains with fines, Trump could get into considerable trouble.

According to the “Financial Times”, the debts of his real estate company alone amount to 900 million euros. The Trump Organization owes Deutsche Bank to journalist David Enrich more than 300 million dollars. Accordingly, the mountain of debt must be repaid in the coming years. The companies of the presumably outgoing US president, however, have suffered massively from the corona crisis.

It is unclear whether they can service the debt. If not, Trump is liable as a private person. In view of the enormous sums involved, his fortune – according to “” Forbes “” 2.5 billion – does not seem like a comfortable cushion.

Against this background, it is more understandable that Trump is defending himself so emotionally against his election defeat. Source: “Armed police officers patrol the capital of the Xinjiang region – a large part of the Uyghur population of China lives here. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Since For years there have been reports of the suppression of the Uyghurs in the Chinese region of Xinjiang. Human rights activists assume that up to a million people are imprisoned there. Now, leaked documents show the minor things for which the people there are severely punished. Secret documents from the Chinese Power apparatus reveal arbitrary reasons for Uyghur detention in re-education camps.

Wearing a headscarf or a beard, applying for a passport, a pilgrimage or relatives abroad can be enough, as the lists that a group reported in German and international media show. Among them are the NDR, WDR, Deutsche Welle and “” Süddeutsche Zeitung “”. The lists with personal information about monitored persons come from the Karakax district (Hotan administrative district).biology essay help services

About 650,000 people live there, according to the “Guardian” “about 97 percent of the local population are Uyghurs. The documents from the region comprise around 140 pages and contain detailed information on more than 300 people who are or were interned in camps. According to estimates by human rights activists, hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs have been sent to re-education camps, which the Chinese government describes as voluntary vocational training institutions. The lists now published show that detainees and their families are categorized by the Chinese government, reports the “Guardian”. Households are classified as “” trustworthy “” or “” not trustworthy “”, their attitudes as “” normal “” or “” good “” and the religious “” atmosphere “” as “” easy “” or “” difficult “” “classified.

In addition, it is recorded whether the person “disturbs other people by visiting them for no reason” “. It also shows that the authorities in Karakax also penalize installing foreign software or visiting foreign websites. An estimated ten million Uyghurs live in China, most of them in Xinjiang.

They are ethnically related to the Turks and feel economically, politically and culturally oppressed by the ruling Han Chinese. After taking power in 1949, the communists incorporated what was formerly East Turkestan into China. The government in Beijing accuses Uighur groups of separatism and terrorism. The human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) assumes that up to a million people are being held in re-education camps in Xinjiang, most of them Uyghurs. Source:, agr / dpa “Rolling fire is rapidly threatening the northern California wine-growing regions .

Violent forest fires did not cause severe damage here until 2017. Tens of thousands of people are forced to flee their homes this time, and the California wine regions Napa and Sonoma Valley, north of San Francisco, are once again hit by firestorms. The so-called glass fire has already destroyed 80 buildings in the region, the authority said Cal Fire.

Almost 1,500 emergency services fought the flames, but the fire that broke out on Sunday was still completely out of control, it said, and tens of thousands of residents had to flee their homes. However, there have been no reports of dead or missing, said Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick on Tuesday. Meanwhile, a forest fire in northern California’s Shasta County claimed at least three lives the day before. The so-called Zogg fire has destroyed almost 150 buildings in the rural region since Sunday.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency in the affected regions. According to the “” San Francisco Chronicle “”, the glass fire damaged at least a dozen wineries. “It happened so quickly,” “Carlton McCoy of Burgess Cellars winery told the newspaper about the fire fanned by violent winds. Parts of the winery, including a warehouse and a building from 1880, were destroyed. They would of course rebuild and continue operations, McCoy said. The region has been hit by regular fires in recent years, particularly badly in 2017 when several forest fires in Sonoma, Napa and Santa Rosa destroyed more than 6,000 buildings.

Dozens of people died, and at times 100,000 residents were on the run from the flames. On Tuesday, Sheriff Essick spoke of “fire fatigue” “. He warned residents to pack their bags and obey fire brigade evacuation orders. Dozens of large fires have raged on the US west coast since mid-August. At least 29 people were killed in the wildfires and thousands of buildings have been destroyed so far. The most severe fires in California’s recent history have already destroyed an area of ​​more than 15,000 square kilometers. Source:, bad / AFP “Baraka, Mwigulu, Emmanuel and Pendo come from Tanzania.

They carry the genetic defect albinism. Their skin is light, as well as their hair and their eyes. In Tanzania and in other parts of Africa, the “white blacks” are still being hunted down. They are mutilated and even killed to sell their limbs because of the widespread superstition that albinos’ limbs can bring good luck and cure disease, and rituals with their body parts are also said to bring power and wealth. Some people even consider the “” white blacks “” to be immortal spirits. Many of the albinos attacked die. Those who survive remain marked for the rest of their lives.

The four albinos from Tanzania are fortunate enough to receive medical care in the U.S. The Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) gives them free treatment at Shriners Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, mainly for children who have lost body parts. The organization provides them with modern prostheses and shows them how to use them. Little Baraka Lusambo was initially a bit suspicious of the skin-colored foreign body where his right arm should be. But now the seven-year-old moves naturally with the new plastic body part. Mwigulu Magesa is 14.

His left arm was forcibly removed. But that doesn’t stop the boy from dreaming big: He wants to become president of Tanzania one day, and Mwigulu’s friend Emmanuel Rutema also has big plans for the future. When he grows up he wants to become a doctor; the 15-year-old is missing his left arm and many of his fingers. He also has trouble speaking. The criminals who violently assaulted him at the time also tried to tear out his tongue and teeth. In the cruel trade, mainly hands, feet, genital parts, ears, tongue and nose are sold.

A whole “” set “” of body parts can be sold for the equivalent of around 67,000 euros. With an average income of around 820 euros a year, that’s a lot of money. The Tanzanian government is actively trying to take action against the killing of albinos. There were already many raids in this context in 2015, in which more than 220 self-appointed “” healers, clairvoyants and magicians “” were arrested. During the weeks in the USA, the four children have plenty of time to play in addition to their hospital stays. Every day they become more courageous and open to their carers, and the healing process after various treatments is supported by videos and animated films.

Chattering to one another in Swahili also leads to a quick and successful recovery of the children, however, the children should be careful when playing in the sun. Because pigment formation is impaired, your skin cannot protect itself from the sun’s rays. That is why those affected are more likely to develop skin cancer.

In Tanzania, less than ten percent of albinos reach the age of 30. It is estimated that there is one person in three thousand with the congenital genetic defect albinism in Tanzania. The United Nations estimate that 75 albinos were murdered between 2000 and 2015.

However, according to experts, the number of unreported cases is many times higher: Peno Noni is the oldest of the four Tanzanians. Everyday tasks like washing clothes and cooking are complicated for the 16-year-old due to the loss of her arm. The new prosthesis should make many things easier for her in the future. In total, the GMRF facility has treated more than 200 injured children from many countries around the world.

The prostheses are intended to help them cope with life independently in the future. After three months of treatment, the four albinos will return from New York to their home country. In their luggage, or rather, on their body: customized prostheses for their missing body parts – and a portion of self-confidence. For the children, returning means a journey back to a country where they have to fear for their lives every day. They will also encounter distrust and suspicion again, and will often be treated as lepers and excluded from the community. The helpers in the USA hope that they have given their protégés not only medical care, but also new courage to face life. (teb / rts) “Donald Trump has one vote for sure. (Photo: REUTERS) November 3rd is the official date for the US presidential election. But more than 50 million Americans have already cast their votes.

The incumbent himself is one of them. But in contrast to ordinary citizens, Trump’s visit to a polling station in Florida only lasts for a short time. US President Donald Trump has made use of the opportunity to cast his vote early in the presidential election. Trump went to a polling station in a library in West Palm Beach, Florida. “” I voted for a guy named Trump, “” he said afterwards into the television cameras. West Palm Beach on Florida’s Atlantic coast is Trump’s official residence next to the White House. The real estate mogul, who was once registered in New York, owns a golf resort there. “” It was a very safe vote.

Much safer than sending a ballot, I can tell you, “said Trump. He was alluding to the issue of postal votes, which also make it possible to cast your vote. Florida is one of the states that have their residents vote before the official election date on November 3rd. So far, more than 50 million people have cast their votes in polling stations or by letter. In the 2016 presidential election, a total of almost 139 million Americans voted. In view of the corona crisis, more people than usual are using the opportunity to vote early.

After there have been concerns in recent months that ballot papers sent by letter might not arrive on time, many people have to wait for hours to vote personally. This was the case in New York, for example, where polling stations opened for early voting on weekends. Trump has been claiming for months that with mass ballots sent by post, the risk of election fraud increases dramatically. Experts and electoral authorities meanwhile emphasize that there is no evidence for this.

The Democrats are warning of an attempt by the Republican president to cast doubts on the outcome of the election, after a total of 47 million US citizens used the opportunity to vote early in the last presidential election four years ago. This time, according to data from the “” U.S. Elections Project by political scientist Michael McDonald of the University of Florida 56 million. Almost 17.5 million of them would have voted personally and around 38.5 million by letter. Trump had joked during a campaign appearance in Florida on Friday that he would, if necessary, stand in line for two hours to vote.

In fact, the Secret Service had secured the polling station hours before the arrival of the president, as reported by the TV broadcaster CNN. On TV pictures it could be seen that the street in front of it was completely cordoned off. Trump’s spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany confirmed to fellow journalists that there were no other voters in the library.

Trump is behind Democratic challenger Joe Biden in polls ten days before the election date. The president is trying to turn things around by campaigning in potentially crucial states. For today alone he has scheduled three gigs in North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Regardless of the rapidly increasing number of corona infections, thousands of supporters gather for the Trump speeches, many of them do not wear masks. Biden wants to speak twice in Pennsylvania today, the singer Jon Bon Jovi is said to join one of the performances.

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