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  • Signal - Private Messenger

    Seller Name: Quiet Riddle Ventures LLC

    Signal - Private Messenger android app
    Millions of people use Signal every day for free and instantaneous communication anywhere in the world. Send and receive high-fidelity messages, participate in HD voice/video calls, and explore a growing set of new features that help you stay connected. Signal’s advanced privacy-preserving technology is always enabled, so you can focus on sharing the moments that matter with the people who matter to you. • Say anything – State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (powered by the open source Signal Protocol™) keeps your conversations secure. Privacy isn’t an optional mode — it’s just the way that Signal works. Every message, every call, every time. • Go fast – Messages are delivered quickly and reliably, even on slow networks. Signal is optimized to operate in the most constrained environment possible. • Feel free – Signal is a completely independent 501c3 nonprofit. Development is supported by users like you. No advertisements. No trackers. No kidding. • Be yourself – You can use your existing phone number and address book to securely communicate with your friends. • Speak up – Whether they live across town or across the ocean, Signal’s enhanced audio and video quality will make your friends and family feel closer. • Whisper in the shadows – Switch to the dark theme if you refuse to see the light. • Sound familiar – Choose custom alerts for each contact, or disable noises completely. Simon & Garfunkel wrote a hit song about it in 1964, and you can experience the sound of silence whenever you want by choosing “None” as your notification ringtone. • Picture this – Use the built-in image editing features to sketch, crop, and flip your outgoing photos. There’s even a text tool so that you can add more words to the 1,000 that your picture is already worth. For support, questions, or more information, please visit: Source code: Follow us on Twitter (@signalapp) and Instagram (@signal_app) for all of the latest updates and announcements.

  • CoverMe Private Text & Call

    Seller Name: CoverMe, Inc

    CoverMe Private Text & Call android app
    Private texts & calls without records on the phone bill! Add a burner phone number to safeguard your primary number. Send self-destructing messages. Hide secret text messages and private files from prying eyes. • Send private texts from a private new number • Make secure private phone calls • Get phone numbers from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands • Send disappearing messages, recall sent messages • End-to-end encrypt all conversations • Shake to hide and lock personal text messages • Private vault to hide private photos, videos, passwords and any files ◆ Private Phone Number Get a real phone number to hide your primary number for secret texting & calling. CoverMe provides numbers from various countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and Australia, perfect for business, dating and more. ◆ Private Texting & Calling Send unlimited texts with a real new number to keep your personal number private. Your private texts are off the record. Make phone calls on a new line, with superior clarity to existing regular phone service. ◆ End-to-end Encryption for Your Conversations Regular calls & texts are delivered across unprotected phone networks and can be intercepted without your knowledge. By encrypted data transmission tech, calls and texts between CoverMe users are highly protected. On CoverMe, everything is end-to-end encrypted and safe from spying eyes and hackers. ◆ Disappearing Messages CoverMe allows your full messaging control. You will immediately know when the recipient has read your messages. You can make your sent message disappear itself once it was read. Never worry about private messages being spread around or stored! Ever sent a private picture or poorly judged text message to someone by accident? No problem – just recall the messages! ◆ Shake to Hide Secret Text Messages Worried about prying eyes when texting on public? Just shake your phone to hide private text messages with the lock & login screen. With decoy passwords, even if someone enters CoverMe, he cannot read your private messages or secret SMS. When someone tries to enter CoverMe, it can even take a photo automatically. ◆ Private Vault for Extra Security Private Vault ensures your private photos & videos, passwords, personal contacts, confidential documents, notes, secret diary stay hidden and private. CoverMe offers the following subscriptions: • Mini Private Call & Text Plan: USD$7.99/month • Medium Private Call & Text Plan: USD$28.99/6 months • Large Private Texts Plan: USD$29.99/6 months • Large Private Call & Text Plan: USD$99.99/year • Private Secure Basic Vault: USD$0.99/year • Private Secure Premium Vault: USD$9.99/year • Private Secure Super Vault: USD$19.99/year • Small Package: USD$3.99/month • Medium Package: USD$29.99/6 months • Large Package: USD$99.99/12 months CoverMe offers a 7-day free trial purchase option. The free-trial subscription begins immediately but it won’t be billed until the free trial period is over. Your account will be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the free trial period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication. You can cancel the free-trial subscription before the end of the free trial period by going to your Account Settings at iTunes Store. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. Auto-renew can be turned off at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for the unused portion of the term. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: ◆ Email: ◆ Website: ◆ Twitter: ◆ Facebook:

  • gridMe encrypted HD video chat

    Seller Name: Wizix Ltd.

    gridMe encrypted HD video chat android app
    Secure, encrypted video chat to all your friends on both major platforms. NOW with optional 1-1 recording by tapping the record button AT THE END of your call!!!! So, if something fun or important happens in your call, you can decide to capture it AFTER it has happened! It's like magic, please try it out. ... and gridMe is FREE to download and FREE to use! 1 to 1 or up to 9 gridMates video chatting together. No Adverts! Absolutely stunning! 'Tap, Tap, Call' up to 8 mates from your matesWall or create a 'grid' of mates for regular group calls to the club, sports team, colleague etc. With a beautiful and so, so simple user interface and rock solid HD video you really can have some fun! With a quick tap you can temporarily exclude or include gridMates from any of your grids. So if you want to talk to your family about your mum's birthday, tap mum out of the 'family grid' and keep her party a surprise! And if brother can't join the grid straight away, he can jump in at any time during the liveGrid....".you're 5 minutes late bro, but better late than never" - brilliant! Please download it and enjoy it! Let us know what you think from 'contact us' - good ideas really appreciated. Runs on the iPhone X, 8, 7, 6s, 6, 5SE, 5s, 5c, 5, 4S iPod touch and iPad running iOS 10 & 11. If you like, you can help us by going into the iTunes App Store and rating us - it really does help us and gets our team of developers smiling! A pat on the back is all it takes! Thank you! - want to let us know something? - you have a problem, think an improvement can be made, found a bug or don't like something?

  • Wire • Secure Messenger

    Seller Name: Wire Swiss GmbH

    Wire • Secure Messenger android app
    Wire is the most secure collaboration platform. We increase the productivity in your team while keeping your information private. Wire allows your team to communicate and share information easily and securely - messages, files, conference calls or private conversations - always in context. – Communicate with your teams through private or group conversations – Share and collaborate with files, documents, links with reactions – Press the one-click conference call button and your voice or video meetings starts on time – Invite partners, customers and suppliers to collaborate through the unique guest rooms – Increase privacy through ephemeral messages and device fingerprinting – Integrate Wire with your corporate applications and services – Recognized by IDC as industry leading security and privacy approach through Open Source, end to end encryption, forward secrecy and public audits Wire is available on any device and operating system - so your team can collaborate whether in the office or on the road. Wire is also available as an on-demand solution for crisis collaboration. Wire offers a free version for external business partners or friends and family use.

  • Pryvate Now – Secure Comms App

    Seller Name: Criptyque Limited

    Pryvate Now – Secure Comms App android app
    As a recipient of the Best Mobile App Awards' prestigious Best Business App award in 2015, PryvateNow is recognized as the number one (#1) choice world-wide for all privacy-savvy business organizations and independent professionals who require military-grade encryption technology with unrivaled, secure call quality (No government-planted "back doors" included). The PryvateApp features secured, private, and encrypted messaging, voice calls, emails, and a ToR-utilizing web browser. Currently, the PryvateNow App now features a secured cryptocurrency wallet to host Pryvate's native token PryvateCoin (PVC) in addition to tiles connecting Pryvate users to the forthcoming PryvateXchange affectionately known as the "PryvateX" in addition to a newly-developed portal to access Distributed Applications (Dapps). Want to take your privacy and professional practices to a new level? Are you a Pryvacy Pro? Then you want to go PryvatePro to take advantage of non-stop, unlimited chat via the Pryvate Instant Messaging and video chat services, which include functionality to enable picture-message and email so you can keep what's important to you private wherever you conduct business regardless of your location. Pryvate offers world-class RSA 4096-bit encryption technology that are reliant upon zero servers or middlemen while enjoying direct connections to co-workers, clients, and friends. Easily destroy and erase sensitive messages and call history at the touch of your hand. Don't just take privacy seriously; enjoy it by experiencing crystal-clear call quality while reaping the benefits owning the most-secure communications protocol on the planet. What’s new at Pryvate? • New User Interface • Self-Destruct (delete your messages sent on recipients device) • Unlimited calls and chat with Pryvate (Free) for an initial trial period • Easy-to-set-up and secured private email • Major performance upgrades • A streamlined signup process built-into the app. • 30 day free Pryvate Pro trial that auto-defaults to Pryvate (Free). • Notification when you've been screen-shotted • Know when your PryvateContacts are online and available • Agnostic email integrated with Microsoft Exchange • Anti-blocking tech, ensuring unrestricted global access • Distributed Application portal • A portal to Pryvate's newly-built cryptocurrency exchange, PryvateX • A secured cryptocurrency wallet hosting Pryvate native token PryvateCoin (PVC) • And so much more! Download the secure PryvateNow app, independently certified as the "real deal" with "ZERO government back doors included!" Ensure your private communications today with Pryvate. You know what they say: Nothing can PRY into PRYVATE! Supported devices This version of app runs exclusively on iOS devices with 64-bit processors. iPhone • iPhone 5S • iPhone 6 • iPhone 6 Plus • iPhone 6S • iPhone 6S Plus • iPhone SE • iPhone 7 • iPhone 7 Plus • iPhone 8 • iPhone 8 Plus • iPhone X • iPhone XS • iPhone XS Max • iPhone XR iPod Touch • iPod Touch (6th generation) iPad • iPad Air • iPad Air 2 • iPad (2017) • iPad Mini 2 • iPad Mini 3 • iPad Mini 4 • iPad Pro (12.9-inch) • iPad Pro (9.7-inch) • iPad Pro (10.5-inch)

  • Sentry Private Texting & Calls

    Seller Name: Dingtone Communications Limited

    Sentry Private Texting & Calls android app
    Sentry allows you to send private texts and make secure calls without exposing your personal cell phone number. A call and text record will never show up on your phone bill. Sentry hides your text messages, call logs, private photos, videos and notes in a secure vault. Sentry, Your Ultimate Privacy Guard ◆ Private Texting – Send and receive texts via a private phone number. ◆ Private Calling – All calls placed through a private phone number. ◆ Private Vault – Save personal photos, videos, notes and passwords. ◆ No Recorder – No text or call logs will appear on your phone bill. ◆ Lock – Shake to instantly lock. ◆ Untraceable – Send messages that will self-destruct(*). ◆ Encrypted – Get end-to-end encryption for all calls and texts(*). ◆ Private texting – Send and receive texts via a private phone number Sentry assigns you an additional mobile phone number. The number is completely confidential. You can send all texts through this private phone number without exposing your personal cell phone number. Your phone bill won’t even show the text records. Your text messages will be hidden in a secure vault. You are the only person who can access the messages. Your contacts do not need to have the Sentry app to receive and reply to your texts. ◆ Private calling – All calls placed through a private phone number Want a private line for calling that doesn’t expose your personal phone number? With Sentry private phone numbers, you can make private phone calls to any landline or mobile phone number and receive calls privately. Your phone bill won’t show the call records. ◆ Burner phone number Real mobile phone numbers from over 10 countries. Get your favorite number begin with any prefix, then use it and burn it. ◆ Private vault – Save personal photos, videos, notes and passwords Sentry offers a secret space for you to lock private photos and videos. You can also protect and manage passwords and private notes. The Sentry private vault is the ultimate way to hide your confidential documents, secret notes, passwords, and private pictures & videos. Equipped with strong passwords, the encrypted vault is invisible and completely impenetrable. ◆ No recorder – No text or call logs will appear on your phone bill Worried about someone reading your private messages or checking your call logs? With Sentry, no incoming messages, outgoing messages, or call logs will show up in the Message and Phone app. Your text and call records won’t show up on the phone bill either. ◆ Untraceable – Send messages that will self-destruct(*) With Sentry secure messenger app, you can set up message security levels to get full control of your communication. Did you message the wrong info to your pals? No problem. Just recall the message! In addition, you will immediately know when your message has been read. After that, you can recall or remotely wipe the message for complete confidentiality. You can even set your messages to self-destruct after a certain amount of time. ◆ Encrypted – Get end-to-end encryption for calls and texts (*) Sentry is also a private messenger app for encrypted phone calls and text messages. Communication on Sentry is protected with high-level encryption. No one can intercept your calls and messages. Sentry, Your Ultimate Privacy Guard Note: Features with * require both sides to have the Sentry app. ◆ Learn more at ◆ Follow us at ◆ Like us at ◆ Need Help?

  • StealthChat: Encrypted Chats

    Seller Name: Rockliffe Systems

    StealthChat: Encrypted Chats android app
    StealthChat is a secure app for calling and chatting with your friends and partners. With advanced encryption technology, your phone calls and chat messages are private. StealthChat is free, fast, and lightweight. StealthChat has been built for privacy and security from the ground up. StealthChat does not save any information about your chats, messages, calls, pictures, photos or phonebook on the server. StealthChat is the ultimate in private calls and chats for everybody! ENCRYPTED CHAT MESSAGES: StealthChat encrypts all chat messages using end-to-end, one time encryption keys so that your messages remain confidential. ENCRYPTED GROUP CHAT: Encrypted, private conversations with multiple participants. ENCRYPTED VOIP CALLS: StealthChat encrypts all phone calls using end-to-end encryption making it is impossible to eavesdrop on your conversations. ENCRYPTED PICTURES AND PHOTOS: StealthChat encrypts all picture files and photos using end-to-end encryption so that it is impossible for your photos to leak. END-TO-END ENCRYPTION: StealthChat uses advanced end-to-end encryption technology based on “Off-The-Record Messaging” (OTR). The encryption keys are generated on the sender and recipient devices and are not stored on the server. OTR provides “Perfect Forward Secrecy” (PFS). VoIP calls are secured using “Secure Real Time Transport” (SRTP). Your information is encrypted at rest (on the disk) and in-transit so it is impossible for anyone to eavesdrop on your communication. SELF-DESTRUCTING MESSAGES: StealthChat provides a “burn” timer to automatically delete messages and pictures after they have been read. SCREEN LOCK: StealthChat encrypts the information on the screen so that nobody can read your messages or photos over your shoulder – or by picking up your phone and opening the app. PICTURE LOCK: You don’t need to remember or enter a password. StealthChat uses a simple and unique method with a picture and an unlock point to switch to decrypted mode. TOUCH ID: You can use the native Touch ID instead of the picture lock to unlock the encrypted screen display (iPhone 5S and later only) NO TRACE: StealthChat leaves no trace of your communication on any server and ensures that your conversations remain confidential and private to you! PRIVACY: StealthChat really understands our privacy. That’s why StealthChat puts all of the control into your hands. StealthChat provides privacy settings so that you can choose to block or unblock contacts at anytime FAST: StealthChat has been designed to operate quickly and efficiently on the lowest specification devices and on the most unreliable mobile networks in the world. Don’t worry about slow responses or lost messages, with StealthChat that will not happen! For more information, please visit:

  • Silent Phone

    Seller Name: Silent Circle, LLC

    Silent Phone android app
    Silent Phone provides enterprise-grade encrypted voice, video, and messaging. Our end-to-end security protects your business, its reputation, and its valuable intellectual property from spying eyes. With Silent Phone, your team can discuss important matters across continents with the same confidence as if you were all in the same room. Silent Phone is developed by Silent Circle, the world leader in enterprise privacy solutions. Features: - Privacy and security trusted by businesses and governments around the world - Simple "zero-touch" deployment across your organization - Integrated enterprise user management with Silent Manager - Secure voice and video calls with our unique Security Words - Secure high-definition conference calling and group messaging - Burn commands destroy all copies of sent messages - Burn timers automatically redact old messages - Voice memos speed communication and replace insecure voicemail - Read receipts and delivery receipts give your teams situational awareness - Securely send documents, videos, images, and other files - Silent World offers calling to/from traditional phone numbers with enhanced security - Standards-compliant Single Sign-On (SSO) - Scheduled training available for your teams

  • Spike Email - Team Mail & Chat

    Seller Name: erez pilosof

    Spike Email - Team Mail & Chat android app
    Say hello to Spike! The world’s first Conversational email app. Be more productive. More creative. Less distracted by things that don’t matter and better connected to the people that do. Get the best of mail and instant messaging in a single app. We’ve ditched the confusing email threads, dumped messy headers and signatures, and redesigned your inbox. Spike (formerly Hop) email app brings together the best of both worlds—the real-time awareness of messenger and the advanced functionality of email. Spike offers you a more natural way to communicate, helping you build relationships with customers, clients, and colleagues without the distractions of traditional mail. CHECK OUT THE KEY FEATURES OF SPIKE EMAIL MESSENGER - Consolidate multiple email accounts into a single app - Get real-time messaging with read receipts for true Conversational Email - Create Groups for seamless collaboration both in & out of the office - Find & preview all your files and attachments easily with our File Manager - Manage multiple calendars from within Spike email app - Keep your data safe & secure with sophisticated AES256 email encryption - Ease eye-strain, enjoy better readability & save battery life with Dark Mode - Get Spike on iPhone, iPad and any device Spike supports Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, Office/ Outlook 365, Exchange, AOL, and IMAP* mail accounts. Spike is much more than a simple email client. It’s built to bring teams together, to foster creativity, to get things done faster and level-up the way you collaborate within your business and external clients. CONVERSATIONAL EMAIL – Spike streamlines your communications to make email more human and personalized. Messaging replaces threads, headers, and signatures for a cleaner and more intuitive email experience, while read receipts keep the conversation moving PRIORITY INBOX – Spike organizes your mail by contact and not by threads, with all your messages listed just like in a messenger app. Priority inbox pushes your most important mail to the top of your inbox and sends less important mail to the “Other” inbox for you to read later GROUPS – The ultimate in team chat. No more switching between apps! Groups allows you to chat with Spike and non-Spike users seamlessly and directly in your inbox by combining the best of team collaboration apps and your existing email accounts. Instant file sharing & file history also makes collaborative work a breeze ADVANCED SEARCH – Never lose another email or attachment again! Advanced Search puts everything you need at your fingertips. Search by contact or keyword and Spike will instantly display all emails, files, tags or messages FILE MANAGER – Visually preview attachments within your emails without downloading (!!) for a quicker and more convenient way to manage and search your files. Works with all file types including photos, videos, spreadsheets, documents, PDFs and gifs CALENDAR – Manage all of your calendars attached to multiple email addresses in one place and on one screen. Integrates instantly with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar & more SUPER STEALTH ENCRYPTION – Ensure your data is secure with powerful AES256 email encryption. Encrypted emails are displayed directly within Spike and are just a click away for non-Spike users AN ARSENAL OF EXPRESSION – Get your message across using gifs, voice notes, emojis, drawings, photos and videos. Typing is not your thing? Place voice and video calls from within the Spike app DARK MODE – Spike’s dark theme grants sharper contrasts, decreases eye fatigue and saves energy We’ve designed Spike to cut out the bull$h%t and bring you more of what you really need. Conversational email will help you make real connections with the people who matter most, combining the best of instant messaging and email to keep all your conversations moving forward Check out for all the features of Conversational Email, or chat with the Spike team at

  • Crypviser Secure Messenger

    Seller Name: Crypviser GmbH

    Crypviser Secure Messenger android app
    Тhe New Standard of Security and Anonymity. Crypviser  is the most private messaging app, as it is based on Blockchain technology. The decentralized Crypviser Messenger lets you to enjoy private video chat & voice calls with automated blockchain encryption. There are no other alternatives available on the market. We utilize Blockchain to eliminate all threats of Man-in-the-Middle attack and solved the historical public key encryption issue by using decentralized encryption keys, exchanges, and authorization algorithms. Your Messages, Videos, Photos, Data, etc will reach their destination unfiltered, and most importantly UNBLOCKED! WHY SHOULD YOU USE CRYPVISER AS YOUR REGULAR CHAT, VOICE & CALLS MOBILE APP? Crypviser is based on Instant Communication Platform which cannot be Blocked or Stopped, Totally Anonymous, Bullet Proof Security using Military Grade Encryption, Salsa 20/20, Ecliptic Curve Cryptology, 512 Hash, Decentralized. Our instant private messenger has introduced a new era of cryptography based on Blockchain technologies. Attacks on your text message are impossible because crucial encryption keys are truly authenticated and distributed among thousands of blockchain nodes. Anonymous. One of our core features is, that only you should decide which text message is to be made public and which isn´t. Crypviser is the unique secure chatting app which doesn't require your phone number or perform SMS verification. Highly Secure. Send text message with our security protocol developed on genuine end-to-end encryption and blockchain based authentication algorithms exceed today´s requirements against all kinds of threats. File sharing. Enjoy sharing as many encrypted and private files, photos or videos as you want without size restriction. So we expand our boundaries from usual smm messenger and allow you limitless activities. Use our video calling app for all media sharing you need. Intrusion Detection. Detect and prevent MiTM ("Man-in-the-Middle") attacks by third parties through network. You will be always informed about eavesdropping attempts by third parties, where an attacker may stealthily listening to the private conversation without your consent. Multi-device support. Enjoy maximum convenience of running encrypted sms in the same message app's account on different devices. Secure sync. Have all your private messages and information synchronized to all your devices while being totally protected in encrypted mode. SUBSCIRPTION PLANS Download and register now to receive a full-featured FREE trial plan for 1 Month. Afterward you can choose from the following low cost subscription plans: Fully-featured subscription plans to the Crypviser Secure Messenger App. 1 Month Plan - 4.49 EUR 3 Month Plan - 12.49 EUR (5% discount or 4.16 EUR monthly) 6 Month Plan - 22.99 EUR (10 % discount or 3,83 EUR monthly) 12 Month Plan - 42.99 EUR (20 % discount or 3.58 EUR monthly) PURCHASE TERMS By purchasing subscription plans you agree with the below terms and conditions: - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period - Your Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal - Auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase - Your purchase will start after the end of the free trial period Crypviser User Agreement & Privacy Policy are available at We strongly recommend to try our Crypviser as top app messenger of reliable and secured method for information sharing. We are totally dependant on our customers satisfaction. Many new features are in the works. Enjoy Crypviser!

  • CallProtector - Secure Calls

    Seller Name: CallProtector Ltd.

    CallProtector - Secure Calls android app
    Encrypted secure Calls and Messaging with CallProtector! With CallProtector you can call others in a secure way, you only need working Internet(EDGE / 3G) While you are calling someone, the devices will be creating a new secret password and the old one gets deleted. This means we are using PFS(Perfect Forward Secrecy), which is a standard for top secret communication. We use the well known and tested AES 256 algorithm. This algorithm is normally used for top secret communication. For creating new passwords we are using ECDH(Elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman) with 521 bitlength. Coming Next: Video Chat Technical Features: AES 256 Perfect Forward Secrecy Opus Codec CallProtector Premium is available for 1,99$ / Month with auto renewing every month. You will be able to use CallProtector completely anonymous without number registration and with other premium features. • Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period • Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable Terms of Service

  • Toxic: Secure Calls

    Seller Name: Andrii Mykhailyshyn

    Toxic: Secure Calls android app
    Toxic is a free, reliable and really secure calling app. The application of choice for those who care about privacy and security. Make free encrypted high-quality calls inside the Toxic network and stay confident, that nobody can check your conversation. All you need is an internet connection. Download Toxic today to make your conversations really private. Besides the encrypted calls, Toxic also provides phone number(s) of other countries. You can get unlimited phone numbers and receive international calls on your phone Free of charge. There is no need for several Sim cards anymore.

  • MySudo

    Seller Name: Anonyome Labs, Inc

    MySudo android app
    MySudo allows you to create and manage multiple Sudos, each with a phone number and email address, to use for signups, downloads, or anytime you need a private phone number and/or email address. Setting up a Sudo profile is as easy as selecting a phone number and choosing an email address. At a time when just about every interaction you have online or offline ties back to your mobile number or personal email address, MySudo allows you to take back control by using up to nine different phone numbers and email addresses to eliminate the ability of advertisers, scammers, and other 3rd parties from building a detailed profile of your personal information. FEATURES: Your Sudo. Your control. • Each Sudo comes equipped with a phone number and email address • Use a different Sudo for work, socializing, online shopping, coaching/volunteering or whatever roles are important to you Customized Calling • Choose a number from an area code or location you select • Flexibility to call anyone, even if they don’t use MySudo • Create up to 9 phone numbers Enhanced Messaging • Send secure texts, images, and video • Edit, delete, or send expiring messages Simple Email • Say goodbye to email tracking and spam • Create and manage multiple email accounts from one app • Reset an email address if it gets into the wrong hands Compartmentalized Browsing • Keep your browsing history, bookmarks, and tabs compartmentalized by Sudo • Stay tuned for ad and tracker blocker coming soon WHEN TO USE MYSUDO: Signups: • Signup for coupons, rewards, discounts, giveaways and subscriptions, without giving away any personal information Shopping: • Keep your inbox free from spam by using your Sudo details when shopping online Research: • Research hassle-free. Search for cars, apartments, travel deals or insurance quotes—all without being spammed with emails, calls, or pesky salespeople Selling: • Create a Sudo to use on sites like Craigslist to keep your personal information safe from people you don’t know. Once you’ve made a sale, you can delete your Sudo, so you never have to worry about being contacted again. Work/Freelance: • Get a separate phone number and email address for work. Use this Sudo to easily separate your business life from your personal life. SECURITY FEATURES: No Registration or Login • We never require your personal email address, mobile number or a password to register or log in End-to-End Encryption • Sudo-to-Sudo messaging, calling, video, and email are always encrypted Encrypted Cloud • All meta data stored on our cloud is encrypted. Only the user holds the unique encryption key • No one, not even us, can read any users’ communications PLANS Sudo-to-Sudo communications are always free. We offer a free 30-day trial to new users. There are 3 paid plans to choose from, with options to pay either monthly or annually. The plans offer phone numbers from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. • SudoGo: 1 free phone number • SudoPro: 3 free phone numbers • SudoMax: 9 free phone numbers At any time, you can reset your Sudo number for an extra $0.99 USD. PLAN TERMS SudoGo, SudoPro and SudoMax monthly or yearly subscription will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase. Subscription cancellations take effect after an active subscription has expired. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Got a question for us? We’re here to help. Contact our support team on Twitter @MySudoApp or send us an email at

  • Simlar - secure calls

    Seller Name: Ben Sartor

    Simlar - secure calls android app
    Protect your privacy and make free mobile phone calls over the internet with Simlar. Your calls are fully encrypted. Simlar is very easy to use. Just select your contact and call them! After installation, all of your contacts who also use Simlar will be listed in the app automatically. Maybe some of your friends already have Simlar. It is also available for other smartphone platforms. Simlar is based on the established end-to-end encryption protocol ZRTP. No one can listen to your conversation, not even us. During your first call, you need to match a short code with the person you are speaking to. This protects against man-in-the-middle attacks and only needs to be done once per contact. The app development is driven by the open source community. You can find the source code at Simlar is free of charge. All you need is an internet connection. The more stable your connection is, the better is your sound quality. The average “traffic” corresponds to 1 megabyte for a 2-minute call. For more details see

  • Antidote for Tox

    Seller Name: Dmytro Vorobyov

    Antidote for Tox android app
    Antidote is a free Tox client for iOS. Whether it's corporations or governments, digital surveillance today is widespread. Antidote is easy-to-use software that connects you with friends and family without anyone else listening in. While other services may require you to pay for features, Antidote is completely free and comes without advertising. INSTANT MESSAGING: Chat instantly across the globe with Antidote's secure messages. VOICE: Keep in touch with friends and family using Antidote's completely free and encrypted voice calls. VIDEO: Catch up face to face, over Antidote's secure video calls. FILE SHARING: Trade files, with no artificial limits or caps. ENCRYPTED: Everything you do with Antidote is encrypted using open-source libraries. The only people who can see your conversations are the people you're talking with. DISTRIBUTED: Antidote has no central servers that can be raided, shut down, or forced to turn over data — the network is made up of its users. Say goodbye to server outages! OPEN SOURCE: Antidote is an open source software. You can find source code at What makes Antidote different? Antidote is made by the people who use it — people fed up with the existing options that spy on us, track us, censor us, and keep us from innovating. There are no corporate interests, and no hidden agendas. Just the simplicity and functionality that are set free when people truly want to connect. If you have any questions or feedback you can email us at This text is a derivative of text from, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

  • SpeakOn X

    Seller Name: Dreambits Labs, Inc.

    SpeakOn X android app
    SpeakOn is now back with SpeakOn X! SpeakOn X is the new, better way to chat and absolutely FREE. Send voice notes, video messages, photos, videos, text messages, make and receive calls and share all your moments. WHAT DO WE OFFER?: √ ABSOLUTELY FREE: Enjoy all the features and benefits of Kimik Messenger just by downloading it. It's completely FREE. √ REAL-TIME TRANSLATION: With SpeakOn X you can chat with people from around the world no matter what language they speak. Just type in your language and the other person will receive it in theirs. √ EASIEST WAY TO CHAT: SpeakOn X interface makes sending voice notes and video messages easier than ever. You just need to press&hold the conversation in chats screen -thats it! √ SPEAKON STATUS: Use SpeakOn X to share your best stories with your friends, categories, groups or all your contacts. √ CATEGORIES: you can organize and filter your contacts in categories, so your personal and professional life never mix. √ SELF DESTRUCTION: Take pictures and videos right from the app, and send them with just one click. They will disappear once they've seen it. √ MULTIMEDIA: You can send and receive images, voice notes, videos, and share you location. √ AUDIO AND VIDEO CALLS: Make and receive calls from around the world for free using WIFI (otherwise, data charges may apply) √ GROUPS: Enjoy group chats where you can send text, audio and video messages, images, videos, and locations. SpeakOn X will sync your phone contacts automatically so you can see which of your friends are already using the app. If there is a friend who is not yet doing it, you can send an invitation so you can enjoy SpeakOn X together. MORE FEATURES: √ Know when your messages have been seen. √ Turn on your location so your friends know where you are. √ If you have any questions about SpeakOn X, Chat with Kyara, your personal assistant. √ Choose how you want SpeakOn X to look and change its color. √ Know your friends last connection. √ Silent conversations so you do not get notifications when you don't want to. What are you waiting for? Download SpeakOn X now and join everyone that’s already enjoying the new better way to chat. * In roaming, data charges may apply. Contact your provider for more information. ** Continued use of GPS in the background can dramatically reduce battery life. If you love SpeakOn X, don't forget to rate our app! Your feedback is very important to us!

  • airatel

    Seller Name: airatel Inc.

    airatel android app
    airatel Client is a highly secure SIP-Client for the Over-The-Top airatel service. Completely independent from Carriers and Providers! airatel is NOT another VoIP-Provider or IP-PSTN Provider and it is not our intention to sell you slightly cheaper calling rates. Please visit our website for more information. HIGHLIGHTS • Highly secure, SIP-based softphone with exceptional voice quality • iOS CallKit / Native Call Handling • Multitasking support for background operation, such as fielding incoming calls while using other applications • HD audio codecs including G.722, OPUS and SILK • Video in 720p HD when using VP8 on iPhone 5 or later • Supported accessories include headsets and headphones, as well as Bluetooth™ devices • Available in the following languages: English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. STANDARD PHONE FEATURES • Contact List and Contact Favorites leveraging the device’s native contact directory • Call display and voicemail indicator • Speakerphone, mute and hold functions • Call history with a list of received, missed and dialed calls • Call recording • Ringtones and contact avatars • Dial plan support • Multiple call support – swap between two active calls, merge and split calls, transfer calls (attended and unattended) • Audio codecs include G.711a/u, G.722(HD), GSM, OPUS and SILK • Automatic codec selection to ensure optimal call quality • Support for DTMF: the ability to enter numbers to use an auto attendant via RFC 2833, SIP INFO and in-band • VPN support • Advanced settings that enable users to control network traversal and media options • Security and encryption via TLS and SRTP IMPORTANT VOIP OVER MOBILE/CELLULAR DATA NOTICE Some mobile network operators may prohibit or restrict the use of VoIP functionality over their network and may also impose additional fees, or other charges in connection with VoIP. You agree to learn and abide by your cellular carrier's network restrictions. airatel Inc. will not be held liable for any charges, fees or liability imposed by your carrier for use of VoIP over Mobile/Cellular Data. Emergency Calls airatel Phone Edition provide handling designed to redirect emergency calls to the Native Cellular Dialer when possible on a best reasonable commercial efforts basis, however this functionality is also dependent on the operating system of the mobile phone which is outside of our control and subject to change at any time. As a result, the official position of airatel is that airatel Phone or Tablet Edition or airatel service is not intended, designed, or fit for placing, carrying or supporting Emergency Calls. airatel will not be liable for any costs or damages arising either directly or indirectly from the use of the software for Emergency Calls.

  • LetKnow - encrypted messenger


    LetKnow - encrypted messenger android app
    LetKnow is a cross-functional space for secure communication. Today It includes a messenger with a modern encrypting system and a customizable personal blog. Soon It’ll evolve into «LetKnow World» - a payment system of new generation for crypto and fiat money. It will contain a broad range of financial instruments for entrepreneurship and daily life along with convenient communication services: - Secure messenger - LetKnow Messenger; - Multiblog social network - LetKnow Net; - Specialized news edition - LetKnow News; - Crypto and fiat exchange point - LetKnow Exchange; - Crypto and fiat payment system - LetKnow Pay; - Cryptocurrency stock exchange - LetKnow Trade; - Raising money for startups ICO service - LetKnow ICO Processing; - Multicurrency wallets - LetKnow Wallet; - Transaction protection service - LetKnow Escrow. The objective of «LetKnow World» – adapt blockchain opportunities to our everyday life. We believe this technology can make the lives of millions of people better. List of features: 1. Secure messenger - Personal audiovideos calls – call anywhere in the world; - Group audiovideos calls (video rooms) – hold conferences, meetings, chat with your family and friends; - Self-destructing messages – set a timer, send a message and be calm - it will be deleted from all the devices exactly in time; - Backups – all the important data is kept in the cloud storage; - Chat archiving – the messenger archives the unused chats. If you receive a new message, the chat will automatically resume; - Deleting and editing of sent messages; 2. Personal blog - Meet interesting people, let them know who you are; - Blog feed: look through, assess, re-post and share the content you like. Soon: - Instantaneous crypto exchange; - Fast and convenient crypto payments;

  • Cellcrypt

    Seller Name: Cellcrypt Inc.

    Cellcrypt android app
    FOR BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT USE ONLY. Cellcrypt is the next generation of secure, encrypted communications for mobile and desktop. Combining military-grade encryption with the intuitive ease of use of a consumer messaging app to protect your organization and provide peace of mind. Cellcrypt enables secure voice and conference calling, messaging and file/document sharing between any Cellcrypt enabled devices, all protected by best-in-class encryption. The app works across all smart devices and desktops, and allows users to communicate securely between platforms on the technology they have in place. Cellcrypt uses a unique double-layer AES 256 & RC4 384 end-to-end crypto scheme, with new session keys for each call and message, affording all users market leading encrypted communication. As part of CSG’s commitment to responsible encryption, Cellcrypt is only available to enterprise and government users after a screening process, and is not available to individual consumers. Cellcrypt integrates with Apple Call Kit to allow users to call directly from their phone’s contacts and seamlessly handle incoming calls while already on the line. Cellcrypt is certified to the FIPS 140-2 standard, approved by the US National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). Secure Voice Voice calls are fully encrypted end-to-end and are routed through the mobile device’s data connection. Cellcrypt’s adaptive voice codecs ensure low data and battery use, with no degradation of voice quality. Providing full authentication to eliminate the risks of impersonation through Caller ID spoofing. Conference calling Group calling can be set up instantly from contacts list, just like a regular call. Users can schedule mobile and desktop conference calling with automatic email invites, plus call moderating, mute and eject options for the call initiator, and no need for third-party administrators or passwords. Private Messaging Secure messages can be sent between smartphones, PCs and Macs while ensuring the privacy of conversations. Authenticated group messaging can also be set up at will and can be defined locally by the user or centrally by the organization with total security and control. Document and file sharing Cellcrypt allows users to securely share photos, videos, voice clips, documents and even full file attachments with the ease of use of a consumer app. Providing a secure alternative to unprotected and unencrypted email communications. Strong encryption Cellcrypt provides the highest level of encryption and authentication to protect against call interception and eavesdropping. Messages and file transfers are also encrypted end-to-end to ensure privacy. Cellcrypt - the leaders in Voice Security since 2005. *Application may not be used for emergency calling.

  • Privus SecurLine

    Seller Name: Bit Armor AG

    Privus SecurLine android app
    Use SecurLine anywhere for your secure communications. Take privacy back under your control and ensure that no one can listen in on your audio and video calls or read your messages. SecurLine by Privus has been developed with privacy at its core. It is the most advanced, secure and transparent HD quality voice, video and messaging encryption application for the iPhone, with end-to-end conference calling, and call transfer capabilities. Highly intuitive and easy to use, it does not compromise on security. Implementation of state-of-the-art, open source encryption over a peer-to-peer, zero knowledge architecture ensures calls are sent directly between devices to enable the highest levels of privacy with high quality, verifiably secure communications. IMPORTANT NOTE Although the application is free to download, its use is subject to a licensing agreement. SecurLine by Privus is licensed exclusively by Bit Armor AG and will only function on the Privus network. To acquire a licence, please contact Bit Armor AG through our website.

  • Lockfone

    Seller Name: A2 TECH. INC.

    Lockfone android app
    The key to secure and private mobile communication in the digital world. Military Grade Secure Communication Platform that is now available for everyone. * A true peer to peer architecture: Eliminating the need for servers allowing you to leave no trace of your communications. * 3 levels of encryption using static and dynamic keys, making it virtually impossible for even the smallest packet to be deciphered. * Machine learning algorithms that monitor diagnose and repair the platform, making Lockfone an unblockable service. Virtually impossible for hackers to listen, read, record or store any legible data ** You MUST be a Lockfone member to use this free application ** Upon downloading application to your phone you will have 15 days of trial period. When this is over you can get annual subscription from to continue having private communications.. Activation Key or Trials key can be obtained through website Lockfone comes in two flavors: Lockfone and Lockfone Pro. LockFone features; * 100% Secure Communication – It would take 2.5 billion years for the world’s largest supercomputers to decrypt any voice or text communication * Constant Connectivity – Stay connected as you move between networks such as EDGE, 3G, 4G, 4G-LTE and WIFI * Cross platform functionality * User Friendly – Integrated contact book with indication on LockFone members * Crystal Clear Audio – Innovative proprietary compression technology allowing the best sound quality in the market * Always On – Customized push technology enables LockFone to notify users of incoming calls and texts even when the app is off. * Battery Footprint – Battery consumption is even less than non-secure communication tools * Privacy – Privacy as our core value, we guarantee an ad-free application LockFone Pro features; * Everything that Lockfone has plus; * Conference Calls (Conference of 3 people) * Video Calls * Document exchange such as pictures, contracts, meeting memos… Developed by a team with outstanding achievements in encryption, compression and communication technologies. A result of extensive global R&D efforts within the last decade to reach this state-of-the-art technology to ensure 100% secure mobile communication. Developed with the single mission to protect the freedom and the privacy of communication...

  • Solaborate HELLO Messenger

    Seller Name: Solaborate LLC

    Solaborate HELLO Messenger android app
    HELLO Messenger is a new End-to-End encrypted communication platform that empowers you to be great at what you do. HELLO Messenger lets you message, video call, digital whiteboard and collaborate with the people you need to stay productive on any device. All your messages, video and audio calls are encrypted for your protection. Nobody — not even us — can read them. WHY US? NO FEES HELLO Messenger lets you send unlimited messages and make unlimited audio and video calls with your friends, family, and anyone else worldwide for free. IT’S END-TO-END ENCRYPTED HELLO Messenger prevents any third parties from reading any of your messages, audio/video calls, photos, files, and more — offering the ultimate security you need via end-to-end encryption. FULL INTEGRATION WITH HELLO DEVICE - Manage your HELLO device through HELLO Messenger. - Call directly or manage HELLO Meeting Room. - Screencast through AirPlay. - Activate Amazon Alexa. - Open camera feed and activate motion detection. - Live broadcast. - Set admin permissions or edit any HELLO details. MULTIPLE LOGIN METHODS Choose what suits you to use your HELLO Messenger account. Phone number, email, social networks, we got it all covered. DEDICATED VIDEO MEETING ROOM Your Meeting Room is one click away with HELLO Messenger. Meet up with colleagues, friends, clients, and partners in your own video meeting room and get things done effectively, by simply sharing your unique and personal URL or dial-in number with your unique PIN. No account required to join the meeting. Don’t want anyone to interrupt you during your meeting? You can always lock the meeting room. CRYSTAL CLEAR AUDIO AND VIDEO CALLS Easily make one-on-one and group audio & video calls to anyone, anywhere, and on any device. AND MUCH MORE Texting is not enough? Express yourself with photos, videos, gifs, files and more with one tap. Got too much going on and your conversations get mixed? Pin what’s important. Sent the wrong message? You can delete it before anyone sees it.

  • VEGA Messenger

    Seller Name: Accelior S.A.

    VEGA Messenger android app
    VEGA Messenger is the world's most secure messenger that keeps your business communications private and secure from hackers, corporations and governments via state of the art strong end-to-end encryption. WORLD'S BEST ENCRYPTION STANDARDS VEGA Messenger keeps your privacy and anonymity by encryption of ALL your communications END-TO-END including text messages, voice calls, group chats, media files, status messages etc. When the recipient of the message is online VEGA doesn't store the message on servers they are directly delivered to the recipient. You can rest assured that only the intended recipient can read your chats and VEGA does not have acceess to your data or your communications. Each message is protected by a unique encryption key that is changing for each message ensuring perfect forward secrecy. VEGA is fully compliant with the European privacy legislation (GDPR). COMPETE FEATURES TO COVER ALL YOUR NEEDS VEGA is not only an encrypted and private messenger but also versatile and feature-rich. • Write text and send voice messages • Secure file sharing – send any file from your phone or from a cloud based file storage. • Share video, audio message and location. • Group chat - Create groups with up to 1000 participants • Audio and Video calls with crystal clear quality • Group audio and video calls (soon) • Quick polls by asking question that will be answered • Self-destruct messages • PIN locked message – requires a PIN to read it • Scheduled messages – send a message for tomorrow or any future time • Verify the identity of a contact with scanning their QR code • Light and dark mode VEGA is based in Europe and was created with the help of the best cryptographers from Belgium, inventors of the world known AES and SHA-3 encryption algorithms standards. More info:

  • Secure Call


    Secure Call android app
    Secure Call is an encrypted voice calling application for iPhone and other smartphones. Secure Call prevents stealing your conversation by 3rd parties -even including application developers- thanks to it's P2P architecture with end-to-end high encryption technology. ENCRYPTED VOICE CALLS IN HD QUALITY Secure Call can provide crystal-clear, encrypted voice calls even with 2G (Edge) connections. FULL ANONIMITY Secure Call does not require your personal informations such that your phone number, your e-mail address or any kind of your membership. In this way, it becomes impossible to determine user's true identity. You can make encrypted secure voice calls by completely remaining anonymous thanks to one-time generated Secure Call number that is generated during application installation. HIGH ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGY Secure Call provides a secure way that all user calls are performed directly between users thanks to peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture and military grade encryption. Secure Call has no fixed encryption key and all encryption keys generated automatically for each calls. Asymmetric key exchange mechanism is used to exchange encryption keys between only relevant call participants. PEER-TO-PEER (P2P) COMMUNICATION Other communication services usually operates with client-server architecture that requires each user has to send it's communication data to one of service servers, and that server is responsible to relay communication data to other party. Due to this model, other service providers could backup, process and even sell your communication data to third parties without even you notice that. To protect the privacy of your communication data, Secure Call service servers only bring caller and callee together. After that, all communication data are exchanged directly between caller and callee with encryption and encryption keys are known only by relevant participants. Thus no one -even including the engineers who developed Secure Call- could listen your conversation data. MINIMAL APP PERMISSIONS Unlike other communication applications, Secure Call does not need to access your sensitive informations (phone number, IMEI number, location information, photos, contacts, SMS sending/receive etc.) that can be used to reveal your true identity. Secure Call is only a voice calling application and needs minimal app permissions to operate. Secure Call needs notifications to receive calls, microphone and internet access to transfer your voice. INNOVATIVE PHONE NUMBERING SYSTEM Secure Call users in every corner of the world, unlike complicated phone numbering systems, can perform encrypted voice calling by dialing fewer numbers through innovative numbering system. EASY TO USE USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE Instead of complicated user interfaces, hard questions, never ending registration processes, you can simply install Secure Call application and immediately make encrypted voice calls with accustomed user interfaces. FULL INDEPENDENT COMPANY Implementing and operating communication technologies requires high costs. It's very natural to questionate free messaging and voice call services for possibility of generating revenue from the user data. All the costs of services which we provide to you are covered by user subscriptions. Our company gets all power from it's user base and has no affilities with any kind of goverments or organizations. 7/24 SUPPORT All questions and suggestions of our users are responded by our technical support team through 7/24.

  • Voice Cypher Ultra

    Seller Name: Cellcrypt Inc.

    Voice Cypher Ultra android app
    FOR BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT USE ONLY. Many organizations are faced with the increasingly complex task of managing mobile-device use among employees while still maintaining security. The risk of call and text interception is a growing and substantial threat. Voice Cypher Ultra is a powerful, cost-effective voice encryption solution that can be used on commercial smartphones. Voice Cypher Ultra allows you to make and receive secure calls, send secure messages and send and receive secure photographs between Voice Cypher Ultra enabled smartphones. Voice Cypher provides end-to-end encryption between users, even if the call or message transverses different wireless networks. Voice Cypher Ultra removes the complexity of encrypted communication and operates on multiple smart phone operating systems. Voice Cypher Ultra utilizes double-layer AES 256 & RC4 384 end-to-end encryption that provides Corporations and Government Agencies safe, encrypted communications.

  • flaim

    Seller Name: Equiis Technologies AG

    flaim android app
    flaim is the cool new messaging app that allows you to stay in touch with your community. Send messages, make calls, chat over video, and share moments. It’s super secure, totally private and has awesome features like two way message burn. Download now! What’s great about flaim? • Video and voice calling • Two way message burn • Multimedia messaging: use data to share video, text and voice messages • Group chat & call • Highest level encryption; everything you say and do is totally private! Get started • Download the App and create an account • Invite friends to join the flaim App • Share your moments with friends and family • Coming soon: As the community grows so do the rewards! ------------- We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at: or follow us on facebook: and on Instagram:

  • UAround Private Messenger

    Seller Name: Sergey Bykhovets

    UAround Private Messenger android app
    UAround messenger is a modern, powerful, convenient and easy product for people who choose secure communication. We have gathered all the necessary functionality of the popular instant messengers, such as: - Voice call function - Video call feature - Send Short Message - Share photos - Sending a Document - Send your location in terms - Sending a contact from your address book - Sending a gift (Emoji) - All users of the application can be found in the phone book There are pleasant settings interface, such as: - Create and edit your profile - On off. function "View" - Ability to add any user in the "black list" - Automatically save photos to your gallery - Installation of different backgrounds for your chats - Management of the notification options - Ability to select the sound of an incoming message - Alert you of new user applications - Help 24 hours - Ability to write to us with your suggestions and comments      UAround messenger - the world's first instant messenger that provides real protection for correspondence. In our messenger you can encrypt the forwarded and received your message using a 15360 bit key. Your message is encrypted on your phone and stands only on the recipient's phone when this phone has a password for decryption. All the way to the recipient message is held in an encrypted form. If your message is intercepted, it will be useless.      We do not promise you to encrypt, unlike other popular applications, we give you the encryption. You can independently verify the encryption. Encrypt a message on your phone and send it to the recipient device. If the recipient does not enter on your phone decryption key, he will not be able to read your message. How it works. 1. You need to select the user with whom you want to communicate. 2. In the text field, in the right corner there is an icon "lock", click on it. 3. In the new window, enter and confirm your key consisting of at least 8 characters. The app will put your key into a 15360 bit key. If the operation is successful, you'll be back on the chat screen. 4. Now write and send your messages. All posts in the chat will be encrypted. 5. The recipient will get your messages in an encrypted form. In order that the recipient was able to decrypt incoming messages, he should enter the key as the sender's phone. ATTENTION! The encryption key is not sent over the network to the recipient. How to pass the key to decrypt your task recipient. 6. After entering the key in the phone message recipient, he will be able to read and send encrypted messages to you. We care about your security in the network and provide you with our app for free. Thank you for choosing us !!

  • Kryptotel - Secure Voip

    Seller Name: KRYPTOTEL FZ-LLC

    Kryptotel - Secure Voip android app
    Kryptotel is an open source application to make ENCRYPTED Voice and Video calls It does use RSA 8192 bits algorithm and TLS protocol to encrypt the signals communication (caller id /called id for example), and AES 256 bit with ZRTP protocol to encrypt the audio/video communication. Kryptotel allows to make mobile voice and video calls that cannot be intercepted. Kryptotel allows the sending of encrypted text messages, pictures and video recodings. It allows a high voice quality without delay even when it is used on mobile networks 3g/4g and satellite. Kryptotel works on every wifi/mobile 3g/4g/satellite network and everywhere there is an Internet connection. The application is ready to be used just after the download without any configuration or registration of personal data. To make encrypted calls both parties should use Kryptotel but you can make calls with improved privacy to normal phone numbers as well (this is a paid per call function!) Kryptotel secure voip is available with this in-app purchases: - Unlimited calls - USD 2.99/month or USD 18.99/year for unlimited calls to other Kryptotel number; - Per Minute - you can top up your credit to make call to any number ( for details). - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase;
 - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period; - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period; - Subscriptions may be managed by and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to menu “File”,”Account” after purchase; - No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period; - Any unused portion of a free trial period, will be forfeited when you purchase the subscription. Privacy Policy: Term of Use: Fair Usage Policy:

  • Cryptify Call

    Seller Name: Cryptify AB

    Cryptify Call android app
    For most companies and government organizations, the damage caused by the interception of communication between key individuals would be dramatic. With Cryptify Call installed on your iPhone you can have sensitive conversations without having anyone intercepting your calls. The technology used in Cryptify Call combines state-of-the art mobile communication technology with military grade cryptography. Cryptify Call works home and abroad, with EDGE, 3G or WiFi, and gives your organization absolute and exclusive control of all key material. Highly sophisticated encryption algorithms are used for creation and distribution of encryption keys. Using Cryptify Call is as easy as making an ordinary call, yet provides the confidence that the call is both encrypted and authenticated end-to-end. You will experience high quality sound with low latency during your secure calls. IMPORTANT: THIS SOFTWARE REQUIRES A CRYPTIFY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT IT.

  • StealthTalk Private Messenger

    Seller Name: StealthTalk Inc.

    StealthTalk Private Messenger android app
    Protect your messages and calls with the same Cyber Defense Technology used by the military and state agencies. - Cyber Defense Technology StealthTalk implements patented technology originally used by the military, emergency response services, and state agencies to secure their communications during mission-critical operations. - Stealth Chats & 3-Person Calls With StealthTalk, you can hold confidential business meetings and handle 3-person conference calls without worrying whether your communications are being intercepted or used against you. - Wiretap-Proof Multi-Channel Routing To ensure the highest integrity of voice and message communication without sacrificing network latency or sound quality, StealthTalk utilizes multi-channel data routing—your data is encrypted, scrambled and pushed through a plurality of media channels and nodes. Such an approach makes message interception all but futile, and your private calls wiretap-proof. - SIM Swap Protection StealthTalk uses a unique fingerprint of your device to ensure StealthTalk data protection in situations when your SIM card is compromised, lost, or duplicated in an attempt to bypass multi-factor authorization. - Account Takeover Detection Only you can log into your account and view sensitive data, using your device only. In the event of an outside attempt to access or hijack your account from a third party device, you will be immediately notified in the StealthTalk app, and the intruder’s device will be blocked. - Control Encryption Keys You can choose how exactly you want to exchange encryption keys with your StealthTalk contacts. Key exchange can be carried out in-person via Bluetooth and QR code scan, or remotely using a secure voice call, where encryption keys get secretly transferred amidst voice call data packets. - On-Device Data Encryption The StealthTalk app encrypts all of your StealthTalk communication data—both in transit and at rest—to make sure that no third-party can get access to your sensitive information. - Field-Proven Patented Technology StealthTalk runs on patented technology, initially built to meet the needs of the military, and later repurposed for business use. The technology has proven its effectiveness for military and emergency response services telecommunications in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. - Enterprise Solution For professional customers and businesses, StealthTalk enables each one to have their own private media server to handle all StealthTalk secure communications of their company. For additional information and suggestions contact

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