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  • Face Recognition!

    Seller Name: Mohammad Masri

    Face Recognition! android app
    Detect human faces and compare similar ones, organize people into groups according to visual similarity, and identify previously tagged people in images. You can upload a photo with any amount of faces on it, the app will find all faces marked, together with an age estimation of each person and all relative marks on the face. Our face detector seems to be highly accurate. Find look-alike celebrities on the web using the face recognition. Results can vary on the resolution or quality of the photo. For the best result, please upload a photo of a frontal face. Result is displayed for each face detected. Detect one or more human faces in an image and get back face rectangles for where in the image the faces are, along with face attributes which contain machine learning-based predictions of facial features. After detecting faces, the app will show you the age, gender, and the celebrity look alike of the face uploaded. Face Verification Measure similarity (how much they look alike) or identity (whether they are from the same person) between two faces. Check the likelihood that two faces belong to the same person. The App returns a confidence score about how likely it is that the two faces belong to one person. For providing more accurate results, please use images which contain only a single face. Classification: Estimate gender, age, ethnicity, emotion (smile/neutral) detect glasses, mustache and beard Extended measurements: Face and facial features description (shape, relative size and location) eyes, hair, skin, clothes and background colors facial hair amount approximate hairstyle (length, thickness, form) Similar Face Searching Easily find similar-looking faces. Given a collection of faces and a new face as a query, this App will return a collection of similar faces.

  • Luxand Face Recognition

    Seller Name: Luxand, Inc.

    Luxand Face Recognition android app
    Just tap any detected face and give it a name. The app will memorize the face and recognize it further. For best results, hold the device at arm's length. You may slowly rotate the head (or slowly change your location) for the app to memorize you at multiple views. The app can memorize several persons. If a face is not recognized, tap and name it again. The SDK is available for mobile developers:

  • Look Alike Who Do I Look Like

    Seller Name: BGB ISLAND LLC

    Look Alike Who Do I Look Like android app
    Now using Amazon Machine Learning for the very best face matching available! Compare your selfies with over 1,000 celebrities! What celebrity do you look like? Take a photo and Face Compare will find your celebrity match in dozens of categories. Try the all-new, free Face Compare look alike app for finding what celebrity you look like! Find your doppelganger and celebrity look alike now - 100% free - with new faster comparisons, improved accuracy more categories. With the Face Compare look alike app, you can answer questions such as: - Which celeb do I look most like? - find my look alike - Which celeb is my twin? - Which famous person do I most resemble? Download now and let the games begin! This fast, fun and free app helps you find what celebrity you look like, and compares your picture to 1000’s of famous celebrities to find your best match. It is simple, fast and fun - using real face recognition technology to analyze your face and features and compare to thousands of celebrities in dozens of categories. Take a selfie and the Face Compare look alike app does the rest - by comparing your photo and showing fast results! Share on Facebook or Tumblr, try with different photos and different looks. Fast, easy, free and fun to use the celebrity look alike finder app. Take unlimited pictures, find what celebrity you resemble unlimited times. Key features include: - celebrity face recognition and matching - what celebrity do I look like generator - what celebrity do I look like results to Facebook - no questions or quiz, just upload a photo and compare to celebrities - easily find your celebrity lookalike It is fast and easy, and best of all free to compare your photos to celebs and see what celebrity you look like. Download the best look alike app today and start comparing with your friends! Wonder Which Celebrity You Look Like? Find Out Here For Free Do you ever wonder, “Which celebrity do I look like?” or “Who do I look like?” Most people are curious if they look like someone else, or if they have a possible doppelganger running around. Have you ever had someone walk up to you and tell you that you look familiar but they can’t figure out who it is you look like? Wouldn’t it be fun to whip out your smartphone and have a look alike app that scans your face on the spot and reveal who you do look like? This is the very reason why Look Alike applications are so much fun. Wouldn’t it be exciting to discover which celebrity you look like without having to take a quiz or answer any questions? You know it would! Snap selfies and scan your face and use real facial recognition programming to show you just which celebrity is your look alike and quite possibly your doppelganger. It uses a celebrity face recognition and matching program. With the Face Compare app you can find the answers to life’s most important questions! Questions like which celebrity is my twin? What celebrity do I look like and who is my celebrity double? Wonder no longer because this ‘what celebrity do I look like generator’ will answer all of these truly life changing questions! Once you discover your celebrity look alike you can share your results on Facebook or Tumblr. You can also have even more fun by trying out different photos, using different poses or even different hairstyles to see if you get a different result. It’s great entertainment when hanging out with your friends as everyone checks to see who their celebrity look alike is, add some excitement by trying to guess who each person’s celebrity doppelganger will be. Take unlimited pictures, find what celebrity you resemble unlimited times. Let the party begin!

  • Face Detection and Recognition

    Seller Name: Duc Le

    Face Detection and Recognition android app
    Face Recognition application can start experimenting with face recognition right away. Face detection is a computer technology that identifies human faces in digital images. It detects human faces which might then be used for recognizing a particular face. This technology is being used in this application. - This is the best face recognition solution. And you can edit photo too. - Detect and recognize faces. Optimized for social photo application

  • SAFR Recognition

    Seller Name: RealNetworks, Inc

    SAFR Recognition android app
    This application enables SAFR customers to connect to their systems. It requires issued SAFR account credentials and a licensed server for operation. SAFR is the premiere facial detection and recognition solution for live video. Industry-leading performance delivers accuracy, speed, and scalability for a range of real-world use cases including security, analytics, and convenience. With the mobile app, you can access the power of SAFR on your iOS device. A server connection is required. Visit for more information. TOP APP FEATURES: •Connect securely to the SAFR server running on premises or in the cloud •Works with the front or rear-facing camera •Detect age, gender, and sentiment, and store all recognition events •Use as a registration kiosk to opt-in people to your database •Detect smile actions to unlock doors, turn on lights, or send notifications •Fine tune settings and preferences for special conditions or use cases KEY BENEFITS OF USING SAFR: World Class Accuracy Industry leading accuracy and performance independently tested by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Private and Secure Facial data and images are encrypted to ensure privacy. When used locally, no personal image facial data is ever transmitted over the internet Efficient and Flexible Built to scale at high performance and fast processing time, even in very low bandwidth areas.

  • BioID Facial Recognition

    Seller Name: BioID GmbH

    BioID Facial Recognition android app
    The BioID app is a multifactor user authenticator – see how well face recognition works today! Developers and companies can easily add biometric authentication to their mobile platforms with a few lines of code. Their end users can log in or authorize transactions securely and conveniently. Forget passwords. Be recognized. EASY MULTIFACTOR AUTHENTICATION WITH MOBILE FACE RECOGNITION WHY BIOMETRICS? Password hacks make headlines almost every week: a password alone is not secure enough. And typing a long, complicated password on a mobile device is difficult and annoying. Multifactor authentication systems using factors like software/hardware tokens or biometric security are becoming more common. Biometric authentication such as facial recognition verifies the physical presence of the user, for easy, strong multifactor authentication using only the user’s mobile device with no extra hardware needed. WHAT DOES THE APP DO FOR ME? The BioID app provides multifactor user authentication (biometrics + mobile device). It is a mobile client for BioID Connect, an identity service based on our BioID Web Service (BWS) – the original 'biometric as a service' with our patented 'fake defender' liveness detection – and supporting OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0. • End users can use it as a mobile authenticator to log in to any apps and websites that support the app (including our BWS developer portal). • Developers and companies can easily add secure, convenient face recognition to their mobile platform (websites or native apps), without any knowledge of biometrics. • Anyone can try out our biometric technology and see how well state-of-the-art face recognition works. The app currently supports liveness detection against photo attacks, and challenge-response to prevent video replay attacks. PROTECT YOUR EMPLOYEES As an administrator, improve the security of your authentication simply by supporting BioID Connect through industry standard OpenID Connect / OAuth 2.0 protocols. PROTECT YOUR USERS As a developer, enhance app or website security with just a few lines of code by supporting BioID Connect. We take care of all the biometrics and the associated user interface; you get instant biometric security. PROTECT YOURSELF As a user, get simple and user-friendly stronger security for the growing number of apps and websites that support BioID Connect.

  • Yoti - Your digital identity

    Seller Name: Yoti Limited

    Yoti - Your digital identity android app
    Yoti is your secure digital ID. Your digital ID gives you a safe and convenient way to prove who you are to businesses and individuals. What you can do with Yoti • Prove your identity or age to businesses.
 • Securely store and share credentials issued to you by third parties, including staff ID cards and health test results.
 • Get an extra layer of security when you log in to online accounts. 
 • Manage all your logins with our free password manager.
 Your details are safe Add details to your Yoti by scanning a government-approved ID document. We accept passports, driving licences and national ID cards from 185+ countries. Any details you add to your Yoti are encrypted into unreadable data that only you can unlock. The private encryption key to your data is stored safely on your phone – only you can activate this key and access your details using your PIN, Face ID or Touch ID. Protecting your privacy We cannot share your details without your permission or mine or sell your data to third parties. We encourage businesses to only ask for the details they need, so when you choose to share your details with a business using Yoti, you can feel safe sharing less data. Create your digital ID in minutes 1. Add a phone number and create a 5 digit PIN to protect your account. 2. Take a quick scan of your face to verify yourself and protect your account. 3. Scan your ID document to add your details. Join over 10 million people who have already downloaded the Yoti app.

  • Star by Face celebs look alike

    Seller Name: Dmitry Statsenko

    Star by Face celebs look alike android app
    1. Upload a photo There should be only one person in the photo. Recommendations: The face should be clearly visible, it’s better to use frontal photos. Face recognition accuracy depends on the resolution and quality of a face image. 2. The system detects the face The system detects the face and creates a facial pattern. System facial point detection can locate the key components of faces, including eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and position. 3. Enjoy the result! The Neural Network compares the person with celebrity faces and suggests the most similar ones. We do not store uploaded photos. All photos are deleted after recognition. The photo will be saved only if you want to share it.

  • LookUP : Find Number

    Seller Name: Oscar Augusto Gutierrez Saavedra

    LookUP : Find Number android app
    LookUP has three functionalities to recognize who the cell phone number is, looking around the world: Identification of Telephone number You want to know about who is a phone number? or Did you receive a call from an unknown number? If you do not have the number in your phone's contact list, this feature allows you to find out who owns that cell phone number and your personal or business information such as Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter, information of a national or international number. You just have to choose the country of which the number is, by choosing the country the codes will be automatically set and you will only have to enter the cell number that you want to know to whom it belongs. Facial Recognition Another fascinating feature, is that if you do not have the number of a person with whom you had contact, they presented you or you do not know and you want to know their number, you can search LookUP. Upload the photo or use your phone's camera and easily obtain the data of that person. Directory by Name match Search for the name of the person you are looking for if you do not remember the number and LookUP is responsible for finding your cell phone number, searching a global database. Subscription Download LookUP free, make unlimited queries. We offer you a package for each functionality or a FULL Pack so that you get all the unlimited services. The subscription period is 1 month and the renewal subscriptions will be made every month. The charge may vary according to the packages you prefer. • Payment will be charged to your iTunes account when you confirm the purchase. • The subscription is automatically renewed unless the automatic renewal is deactivated at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. • The bill for the renewal will be charged within 24 hours of the end of the current period, and the cost of the renewal will be provided. • Subscriptions can be administered by the user. Automatic renewal can be disabled by going to the configuration of the user's iTunes account after purchase. • You can cancel your subscription by entering the following address:

  • Facer – you look like celeb

    Seller Name: Vladimir Zhizhin

    Facer – you look like celeb android app
    “Facer” app uses AI-based neural networks using face recognition to discover which celebrity is similar to you. Take a photo or upload it from the Gallery to see the result: 3 celebrities which you look like and similarity percentage for each one. Among the celebrities are musicians, actors, politicians and sportsmen from different countries. Disclaimer: The similarity percentage are calculated by neural networks using gradient descent and should be treated as a joke. Facer app requires Internet connection (for AI neural network using gradient descent).

  • youmask

    Seller Name: Luxand, Inc.

    youmask android app
    Immerse yourself in amazing augmented reality! Youmask applies live filters to your face in real time as you look into the front camera. Swipe left and right to change the filter. Youmask makes you look older, younger, turns you into a zombie and applies a bunch of special masks to your face. An SDK/white-label is available for mobile developers - just contact us at Youmask contains $9.99/week (with a 3-day free trial) and $47.99/year (with a 3-day free trial) subscriptions. The price is for the United States customers; pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's account settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription. Privacy Policy: Terms of use:

  • FaceFind: Reverse Image Search

    Seller Name: Viyatek

    FaceFind: Reverse Image Search android app
    It’s all about faces! FaceFind is an AI-based platform that allows you to search millions of faces on the Web. You can find the same or similar faces in high accuracy! Find Similar Faces in Seconds! FaceFind’s technology provides you to see match results just in seconds. It’s awesome, right? Discover Your Look-Alikes! If you wonder your look-alikes, FaceFind is the right app for you. You can find similar faces like you and have fun. Find Your Fake Accounts! You also have the ability to search fake accounts who are using your photos! Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

  • How Old Do I Look Recognition

    Seller Name: Iurii Kriuchkov

    How Old Do I Look Recognition android app
    How old do I look? Everyone asked this question when he looked in the mirror. Now you can find out the exact answer thanks to the artificial intelligence. Take a selfie and get an answer in seconds with age app! Upload photos that you captured with friends! Which one of you seems to be the oldest and the youngest? To recognize one person or several people is not a problem for our application. If you are surrounded by your friends - you will receive a detailed analysis of each face with the help of machine learning. It will be fun ))) Important! Try to choose or take a photo where you look directly into the camera, as well as your face is not hidden. The face age application is made in such a way that you can make or upload a photo just a couple of clicks. And you can share the result of the analysis in social networks with friends. How old am I in the picture? Have you ever asked yourself the question: How old am I? If this happened to you at least once - this application will always be able to accurately answer this question. Or maybe you want to know how much you have left to live? The exact answer is not known to anyone, but how many years you look you will know for sure. Want to look older or younger? Experiment with hairstyle, makeup, and accessories. Take a selfie and compare the results. Save each of the examined images and use in different situations. Find out the person's age, even if they hide it Does your friend, girlfriend or boyfriend hide their age? Our application will help to discover it! Just give the task to an artificial intelligence, and it will conduct the most accurate analysis of the photo. Age of a person Perhaps this is one of the most accurate ways to determine age characteristics. The application uses complex algorithms to analyze wrinkles. Even if you suddenly forgot how old you are or if you don’t believe the date in your birth documents, machine learning used in the application will analyze your face in the photo and produce an accurate result. You can analyze the photo: 1. Made with camera 2. Selected from the gallery 3. Screenshots 4. Downloaded from the Internet The face analyzer from the photo will not only tell you how old you are, but also indicate: 1. Your gender 2. Presence of accessories 3. The level of your happiness 4. If you wear glasses 5. Other face characteristics As you know, a person has biological age, and psychological age too. Try and find out if they match using this age camera. You can try to deceive others using cosmetics, clothing or manners, but you cannot fool machine intelligence! Do not believe? Try and tell us about the result!

  • FaceAlert

    Seller Name: Panasonic New Zealand Limited

    FaceAlert android app
    Get a notification on your phone when a known face is seen on a camera! When you open the alert the app will show: . Person's Name . Camera Name . Alert Date and Time . Registered Image . Matched Image . Registration comments You are also able to: . View all previous alerts for up to 1 week . View all registered faces . Register faces . Edit registered faces . View Categories Future version features: . View all previous alerts entire history . Unregistered face detection What you need: . Panasonics FaceAlert Server . Panasonic's Video Surveillance Software (ASM200/ASM300) . Panasonic's Face Recognition System (ASF900/ASF950) To purchase this solution, please go to

  • Beard Booth - Photo Editor App


    Beard Booth - Photo Editor App android app
    Beard Booth App, Add beard to your photos now!, don't wait beard for grow. 40 Many beards styles with short beards and long beards for get instantly! ** Make your photo with beard - Many beard styles with short beards and long beards instantly! ** Want to be hipster? Use Beard Booth:add beards to photos! App is easy & funny to use and look realistic beard, come with variety of beautiful 40 beard styles and available for adjust transparent (density), ** Beard will auto position on your face with "Face Detection" analyze ** How to use ?, just take a picture, or select from the camera roll or your photo gallery, then get beard on your face. want new beard just tap next button to get new beard or select it in beard's gallery. When a your picture with beard is good looking,it easy to save images & share. == Features: == 1. The Interface is easy to use and beautiful. 2. Variety of beautiful beard styles and included with short beard & long beard (hipster style) 3. Take photos using the camera or select a picture from your camera roll or photo gallery. 4. Auto beard position on your face with face detection. 4. Scale, rotate, move adjust with your finger easily. 5. Save and Share your photo to social media. == Instruction == 1. Select a picture from your camera roll (photo gallery)or take photo . 2. Adjust your photo fix in frame, one finger for move and two fingers for scale and rotation, then tap OK button for use this picture. 3. Beard will appear and auto position on your face. 4. If you want to some adjust, use your fingers for adjust (scale-move-rotation) beard by one finger for move and two fingers for scale and rotation. 5. Tap "Visual Adjust Button" for open/close "Visual Adjust Panel" by this panel user can adjust visibility of beard. 6. Save to Camera Roll or your photo gallery by use "Done Button" then "Save Button". 7. For Sharing your funny photo use "Done Button" then "Sharing Button" then select social media which you want to share.

  • Photo Recognition: Twin finder


    Photo Recognition: Twin finder android app
    This is scientifically proved, that people have already “twin” experience. This phenomenon is called “Heautoscopy”. Our application will help you to find out if you have a twin. Sounds amazing. So how to find similar people? The answer is simple. You have to select images from your Photos, upload them and wait for a while. Our system will detect many things from your picture like eye detection, retina detection, nose detection, mouth detection, head pose, glasses detection, smile detection etc and will match it from a great number of different faces and then will show you the picture of your twin face. Our app will search your twins in our global faces database and give you approx near to exact result. Also, it provides with information from social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vkontakte and etc. So download this entertainer app and enjoy the fun. Features • Fast search in a great number of media sites, articles and social sources (Twitter, Instagram, Fb, LinkedIn, and etc.); • Easy search through the most popular Global Search Systems (Google, Bing, Wikipedia, etc.); • HD graphics supporting iPad; • Easy to use; • Simple GUI. This find your twin in the world app is just for fun and prank app. Results may be not 100% correct. Subscription Information "1 year Premium": - Subscription period - 1 year; - The price of the subscription is 89.99$ per 1 year; - Every year the subscription renews; - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase; - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period; - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal; - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account; - Any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period; - You can cancel the automatic renewal of subscription via this url: The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be downgraded to the free service. Privacy Policy: Terms of use:

  • FaceUnlock

    Seller Name: Everlution s.r.o.

    FaceUnlock android app
    Share photos & chat privately! Use face recognition to decode photos & messages from your friends. It's fun, safe and easy. But be quick! Messages & photos can be deleted in 24 hours! Secure Message Sending : Send message ( photo/text ) to a friend. The message is decrypted/viewable only if the receiver is identified as the correct recipient using face recognition. Process : 1. Install the app. 2. Enter your mobile number. 3. FaceUnlock will send you a text message. 4. Enter a 4 digit code from the message. 5. Line your face to set up face recognition model. 6. Take a profile picture that will be used as your identifying photo. 7. Set your back-up PIN. 8. Send encrypted messages to your friends from contact list. Only a particular friend will see your message or picture. This friend will be verified using face recognition as well. In order to verify one's identity the person needs to line his face when asked. Message or picture will be decoded only if the identitying picture matches the model profile picture.

  • age-o-meter

    Seller Name: Luxand, Inc.

    age-o-meter android app
    How old are you, really? Or should we ask, how young? Age-o-meter will do just that: look at you through the phone’s camera and tell your age. As an added bonus, age-o-meter will try to guess your gender. In fact, age-o-meter will tell everyone’s age and gender – and we mean, everyone who’s looking at the camera! Sounds fun? There is a boring yet very complex technology behind. Age-o-meter uses complex techniques to analyze your face and detect your facial features. And hey, why not try fooling age-o-meter with a lipstick or fake moustache?

  • volteFace

    Seller Name: Entropic, LLC

    volteFace android app
    volteFace - Anonymize Photos Automatically anonymize faces in your photos to protect them from machine & optionally human facial recognition. Prefer not to post your photos to social media, and photo sharing sites? A good example is LinkedIn. It’s almost a must, to establish confidence with industry colleagues, along with helping them to recognize who you are. However, unlike your social security number, credit card, or written signature, the way you look physically is something that is extremely difficult to change. Your photograph is a highly unique biometric signature of who you are. We advise that you protect it! While you might intend for your shared photos to be viewed and appreciated by people - your family, friends, & colleagues, increasingly what you post online is being appreciated by more than just people. Governments and the private sector across the globe are actively engaged in collecting & amassing photos, especially publicly available ones from various established sources on the Internet, to build better machine-based facial recognition systems. While many of these systems have honorable causes, unfortunately there are very few effective laws & controls that govern how individuals’ photos are collected, amassed, and protected. This means that your photos can also be used for nefarious purposes, further eroding your privacy. volteFace empowers you to govern whether or not you want your photos to be “appreciated” by machines, while still allowing them to be appreciated by people, as originally intended. As well as automatically anonymizing faces in your photos, volteFace also purges metadata embedded within photos that can disclose your physical GPS location, and other personal details. By automatically identifying & anonymizing key facial "landmarks" in your photos - the ones that machine-based facial recognition depend upon to correlate your photo against other reference photos, volteFace makes them resistant to machine analysis & correlation. Capabilities ————— - Automatically anonymize faces in photos, making them resistant to recognition by machine & optionally human facial recognition - Purge metadata from photos that can disclose your physical GPS location, altitude, camera & other vendor-specific information - Conveniently select & anonymize groups of photos at once - View, touch-up, and share photos after anonymizing Limitations ————— - Currently doesn’t support very large photos > 10k width or height (ex: panoramas) - Does not anonymize other elements of a photo, such as text or signs that are captured in a photograph - Partial or unclear faces in photos may not be anonymized. Use the touch-up feature to finalize photos before sharing

  • PopFaces-Recognize Celebrities

    Seller Name: BitCenter UK Ltd

    PopFaces-Recognize Celebrities android app
    Recognize any famous actor, model, sportsman, or politician in REAL-TIME - no more guessing! Point your mobile device at any screen or image, and instantaneously know who you're looking at (if the person is a celebrity). Our app gives you the power of modern technology in the palm of your hand to get relevant information about the famous person immediately. CHECK OUR VIDEO One of the best mobile facial recognition at a distance at the moment-no pictures are stored and recognition happens on a spot! WHAT CAN YOU DO with PopFaces Never be left guessing who you’re watching on TV, online, reading about in a magazine, or see on a street poster or banner! The PopFaces app allows you to instantly recognize a famous person’s face and will give you information about them as well as links to their public profiles. All of this is done over a long distance: up to 10 meters+/ 33 feet away! No other application can do that! ANOTHER BIT OF FUN- switch the selfie camera on and see if you look like any of the celebrities in our database. Using The App It’s as easy as 1-2-3: Open the app - Scan the Face - Read the Information. - Open the app on your mobile phone -Sign in with your Apple Account -Start scanning your screen or an image you are interested in. The app will quickly use its curated database to compare that image and provide publicly available information on whichever celebrity is in front of you. -You can access our famous people databases without scanning -Go to the home screen and pick any category in front of you and browse the list of famous people. Once you find a person of interest, click on the name and read the summary and follow the further links if interested. CATALOGUES SUBSCRIPTION: – Subscription automatically renews, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period – The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. The cost depends on the selected plan: monthly or annual. Price indicated in your local currency. – Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase - No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period Privacy and Security Our technology is built with ethical responsibility and data security in mind so that you and your data are always safe! PopFaces does not store any external data while you are using the app, no pictures are made/stored. PopFaces simply compares images of famous people on a screen with images from a database. No face images are stored anywhere but in the RAM during the comparing processing. No real face images are kept after the hash-like embeddings were calculated. Terms and Conditions Our Privacy Policy Third-Party Content information Information we collect Use of Collected Information and Personal Data

  • Reverse Image Search Tool !!!


    Reverse Image Search Tool !!! android app
    Reverse Image Search & Finder lets you search images via Google Image Search, is a bridge between your pictures and reverse image search engines, allowing you to make a search by image. FEATURES - Search with Google Images (default search engine). - Directly search images from your Photo Library, Camera, Clipboard and Files on your devices. - Editor to crop & rotate the picture. - Smart navigation of your device photos (you can search by photo in the middle of the camera roll and then come back to search for a picture nearby, avoiding to scroll the photos all over again). - Search by image/photo/picture by any image's web address. - Set size of the image sent to the search engine (it may yield different results). - Save pictures from the web PREMIUM: You can be a premium user through auto-renewing subscription. Weekly: $3.99 (3 days trial) - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period and identify the cost of the renewal - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable Below is subscription detail: Weekly Subscription * Subscription Prices: - 3 Day Free Trial then $3.99/week • Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn of the auto-renew subscription from iPhone setting • Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. The app adds the great features above and are available through an auto-renewing subscription. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription, and you can cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscription at any time, either by viewing your account in iTunes from your Mac or PC, or Account Settings on your device after purchase. • Privacy Policy: • Terms of use: Disclaimer: This app use Google in the in-app web browser. But the app is not endorsed by or affiliated with any of these search engines.

  • MojiMash

    Seller Name: Engineus LLC

    MojiMash android app
    MojiMash is the exciting new way to share photos, messages, and videos with your friends and family! Utilizing your smartphone’s front-facing camera, MojiMash will detect your facial expressions and movements, replicating them with an animated character’s face in real time. Just like a mask, the character face will not only replace yours but also replicate whatever facial gestures you make! Currently only available for the iPhoneX.

  • 3xLOGIC Facial Recognition

    Seller Name: 3xLOGIC Systems Inc.

    3xLOGIC Facial Recognition android app
    The 3xLOGIC Facial Recognition solution integrates an innovative synergy between our advanced stereoscopic face detection camera with on board analytics and our industry leading VMS software suite. With the 3xLOGIC Facial Recognition app you are now able to connect your smart device to the VIGIL Facial Recognition software and receive real time alerts of Persons of Interest (POI), view detailed profile information, or browse a history of previous POI alerts.

  • GhostBooth Lite

    Seller Name: Daichi Sasaki

    GhostBooth Lite android app
    GhostBooth Lite is a fun way to instantly composite a spooky ghost on your photo. CUSTOMIZABLE GHOSTS! - Create spooky ghost images from photos of you and your friends - Cutting-edge face recognition engine finds as many faces as possible if the face direction is straight ahead - Shake to choose from unique ghost variations to pinpoint your favorite - It's fully automatic - just take a photo or pick one from your photo album! SCARE YOUR FRIENDS! - Capture portraits to add ghost image on iPad 2, 4th Gen iPod touch, and any camera equipped iPhone - Share images via Email, Facebook, and Twitter Prefer not to have any ads? Grab the full version! It has over 50 additional ghost images and completely ad-free. For more info, to ask a question directly, or to just share your ghost images, come visit us on Facebook ( or Twitter @ghostbooth.

  • Catreco - Cat Face Recognition

    Seller Name: Yuxuan Zhu

    Catreco - Cat Face Recognition android app
    Catreco is the first cat face recognition app in Appstore. By using AI & Machine Learning technology, Catreco allows users to train their own cat face recognition model of their cats. Steps to use: 1. Enter your 1st cat's name and email address on the main page. 2. Click "Train new model". 3. Aim camera to the cat face until a dialog box pops up. 4. Enter the name of the second cat in the dialog box and click next. 5. Aim camera to the cat face until a dialog box pops up. 6. After logging all cats, click "Cancel" on the dialog box and wait another dialog box pops up. 7. As the dialog box said, wait around 10 mins or received the result email then click the "Download model" button on the main page. 8. After download, click the "Use existing model" button and aim camera to a cat you named before. The app will give you this cat's name.

  • faceRecognitionVerify

    Seller Name: Antonio Broi

    faceRecognitionVerify android app
    In this app you can find: 1) Demo portal for facial recognition and verification ... 2) to access, ask the developer for the password, valid for one day only. 3) facial recognition software for individuals and companies, in compliance with Privacy and European G.D.P.R., to be used in the context of Cybersecurity iso 27001 4) the developer reserves the right to provide the access password only for proven security work needs in the context of Cyber Security

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